BT Openreach (FTTx)

Last update 11 Jan 2013

Openreach do not use an IP Profiling system. However a Communications provider may apply one to their own backhaul their side of the handover point to them in the exchange.

In particular BT Wholesale do. I haven’t heard of Sky or TalkTalk doing so, but neither have I had any information that they don’t.

The net result is that on BT Wholesale based FTTx there is an IP Profile, at 96.79% of the connection speed.

As there are no ATM overheads on the VDSL2 connection of FTTC, speed test download speeds approaching the IP Profile can be expected unless the ISP’s system is traffic managed or congested.

Bear in mind that speed testers using the Ookla system, such as and BBMax, usually report higher speeds than the BT Performance tester or the thinkbroadband tester.

The only way to see your IP Profile on BT Wholesale based connections is by using the BT Performance Tester, see the New BT Wholesale page for more info and possible ISP problems.

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